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About Us

GreenCert™ was designed as a powerful tool to facilitate the transition to a carbon neutral world.


Is the world on track to limit climate change?

World leaders in Glasgow at COP 26 in 2021 confirmed their commitments to a carbon neutral world. But the issue of how accurately we measure emissions that cause climate change, how precisely we determine the reductions, and how we verify them, has been the cause of major disagreements.

Critical Problem

If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.

The inability to accurately measure, record, and verify emissions has a material impact on whether we can successfully tackle the climate crisis. A number of scientific and peer-reviewed studies have illustrated these real-world implications:

The average amount US cities underreport their emissions by.
Of carbon credits created by the Clean Development Mechanism are false as they cannot be accurately measured & verified.
US power plants underreport their CO2 emissions by up to 13%.
Of major tech firms underreport their emissions according to the Technical University of Munich.
a Carbon neutral world

Our solution: GreenCert™

GreenCert™ was developed in the United States to target and solve this critical problem. The technology was developed by the effort of 250,000 PhD man-hours. Using a unique, copyrighted system of triangulation, GreenCert accurately and effectively measures, records, and verifies multiple emissions, including CO2, SOx, NOx, PM, and CH4.

Some of GreenCert™ key statistics


More accurate MRV, compared to current Chinese MRV methods


year pilot project, in collaboration with China Huaneng Group


years of leadership experience in energy & climate space


PhD hours to develop

Pain Points

GreenCert™ was specifically designed to address the pain points of individual emitters, carbon market operators, national emission authorities, and non-regulated sub-national actors:

Individual Emitters

GreenCert™ accurately measures, quantifies, and reports current emissions at the level of individual combustion or industrial process, enterprise, and group of companies. GreenCert™ can also create an implementation plan for GHG reductions, establish a historical performance baseline, and track emissions and emission reductions over time. Reporting and data can be fed to government or 3rd party verifiers. Cost of compliance is significantly reduced by GreenCert™’s process.

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Non-Regulated Sub-National Actors

GreenCert™ plays a significant role in providing verifiable information for Paris Agreement voluntary commitments. At present, tens of thousands of cites, regions, investors, civil society organizations, and companies not regulated in carbon markets have made voluntary commitments to reduce emissions. While this level of participation and ambition is encouraging, it carries significant capacity and transparency problems. GreenCert can solve those problems.

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Carbon Market Operators

GreenCert™ provides real time data on emissions by market participants. By reducing unexpected swings in carbon pricing, the annual carbon market compliance cycle can be made seamless and smooth, with greater certainty for market participants.

National Emission Authorities

GreenCert™ provides the much-needed efficient and accurate way for carbon accounting by over 150 countries that are part of the Paris Agreement but have insufficient capacities or experience to measure, report, and provide data for verification on their emissions and their Nationally Determined Contributions.

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