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Our Progress

GreenCert™ has a strong track record of success built up over existence of our company. We pride ourselves on constantly updating, improving and innovating.

Trialed, Tested and Proven

4 Years In Operation

4 Years In Operation

The GreenCert™ system has been in operation for four years at the Yangliuqing power plant (YLQ), part of the China Huaneng Group, one of the largest electricity generation enterprises in the world.

Over four years, the GreenCert™ system has taken measurements of flue gasses in the smokestack of the power plant once every second. Results consistently showed that GreenCert™ reported emissions are 15% to 18% more accurate compared to current MRV methods employed by China.

Huaneng Group

Agreement Signed

The success of the Chinese 4-year trial operation resulted in China’s recognition and adoption of GreenCert™. Our technology has undergone several updates and revisions in China. In 2018, China Huaneng Group signed an agreement to install it in power plants and other coal power plants across China.

Technical Knowledge and Installation Capacity through the Clean Energy Research Institute (CERI)

Installation workforce

Our partnership with China Huaneng’s CERI equips us with the technical knowledge and installation capacity to aggressively expand GreenCert™ installations in China and globally.

Under our signed Service Agreement, GreenCert™ has access to over 100 CERI engineers and technicians – far exceeding the need from our China installation forecast – to install the GreenCert™ hardware, train client personnel in maintenance and operation, and train the installers themselves.

We will deploy this CERI installation workforce – guided by our core team of 10-top level engineers in the United States and Canada – to dramatically scale up installations across the world, with a focus on the United States, European Union, and India

Looking Ahead

Innovation is at the core of our corporate identity. Over the next three years, our team is positioned to develop new features to GreenCert™, strengthening its position as the key international standard for greenhouse gas MRV. These innovations include a Methane Module, Cloud Data, and a consumer carbon footprint app.

Our Milestones Timeline

Our Milestones Timeline


GreenCert™ signed a Partnership Agreement with China Huaneng’s Energy Research Institute (CERI), with the goal of fostering technological and business cooperation. 


Mar 04, 2015


  • GreenCert™ signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CERI and the Huaneng Carbon Asset Management Company, Ltd.  
  • Launch of our first pilot project at the Yangliuqing coal-fired power plant in Tianjin.

Jun 07, 2016

Strategic Cooperation

GreenCert™ signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Beijing Environmental Exchange.


Pilot Project

The GreenCert™ system is fully operational at the Yangliuqing power plant, measuring, reporting, and verifying greenhouse gas emissions.  

Nov 09, 2017

Pilot Project

  • Huaneng’s Executive Team provided feedback on how GreenCert™ could better align with standards for Chinese power plants.
  • Yangliuqing plant selected by Huaneng as a demonstration site for online MRV.


Pilot Project

Upgraded Yangliuqing installation with multi-point matrix flow meter, under the guidance of China Huaneng. 

Nov, 2018

Business Framework

Signed a Business Framework Agreement with CERI. 

Dec, 2018

Expansion in China

Huaneng is working with GreenCert™ to expand its system to several other power plants in its portfolio. 

Jan, 2019
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